He knows when you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake…

Rapture Ready Index. Your one stop shop for the end of the world. The signs are all there, man. Just ask Kirk Cameron.

The FAQs are particularly entertaining. They know just what that Jesus guy was thinking on pretty much any topic. It’s great to see people so amped up – giddy even – for the total destruction of mankind. This reminds me of a bumper sticker I see pretty often out here: Don’t Believe In God? You’d Better Be Right. I get a real kick out of the hateful creep model of Christian – the “Jesus is gonna getcha!” type that seem to really relish the thought of everyone outside thier cult getting their divine comeuppance (in the form, no less, of constant torture for all of friggin’ eternity!) – all for transgressions that seem suspiciously similar to violations of their personal tastes.

It seems no idea gets this particular kind of cretin riled into a joyous frenzy more than the thought of The Rapture, the time when they finally get to say, “Smell ya later, chumps!” to the rest of us. Quite an industry has spawned from this smug and quite nasty belief that good lil’ Christians are going to, any day now, float off into space while everyone else gets violently obliterated.

The real trick is going to be stopping these dire prophecies of world destruction from becoming self-fulfilling. With political entities like The Family, the Council For National Policy, the John Birch Society, Heritage Foundation and countless other Christian-based political activism groups having pervasive influence on a number of our elected representatives, that ain’t going to be easy, pal. When there are people making policy who think not only that the end of the world is near and inevitable, but also that it would be a good thing, the future starts looking a hell of a lot less rosy.

Side-note: If you’re as amused (while equally chagrined) at this weird stuff, get the book Rapture Ready by Daniel Radosh. It’s a funny excursion through the $7 billion industry of Christian pop culture. On the other hand, if you want to get scared witless by this stuff (as I often do), get The Family by Jeff Sharlot.


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