Living Biblically

I’ve come to grips with it: I love videos. This is from Chaser’s War On Everything, an Australian comedy show:

Obviously (and luckily), most believers skip over these egregious deviations from modern human decency that the Bible promotes (Check out Luke 12:47-48 NLT for Jesus’ advice on the proper beating of slaves), but most people also skip over the easy (as in non-lethal) stuff too – like keeping an untrimmed beard, for instance…

Lev. 19:27

‘You must not shave or cut the corners of the hairs of your head and you are not to trim (mar or clip off) the edge (corners) of your beard.’

You’d think that’d be an easy one. I’m sure the fish decal stuck to the back of your pick-up truck is appreciated and all up there (and the kneeling Calvin has got to be a real hit too), but you’d better start looking more like Grizzly Adams and stoning bratty kids if you really want to get on the big guy’s good side, buddy.


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